Loud, Fast, and on Fire!

Casanova Frankenstein and The Voodoo Machine is a true shock rock outfit in the purest tradition! Blending roots rock, blues, country and swing music into a killer Horrorbilly sound Casanova leads The Voodoo Machine through blistering sets of original tunes that will harken the spirits of shock rock greats like Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. The band gives you only the best vintage tones, vintage style, vintage swing, and most importantly, vintage showmanship. Complete with a fire eating routine performed by Casanova himself! All while The Voodoo Machine lays down some slinky blues grooves. This is the top shelf in shock rock entertainment!

The heartbeat of The Voodoo Machine is provided by Robbie Sliverz. This guy is no dead beat. He can pound the skins so hard that he wakes the dead and rattles your bones. His partner in crime is bassist Danny Stitches. Summoning the spirits of the earliest days of rock n roll through his Fender Precision he locks in with Sliverz’ tribal beats to ensure that the deepest darkest corners of the musical underworld are at the band’s disposal. Finally, the man, the myth, the monster, himself! Casanova Frankenstein! A fire eatin’, solo scorchin’, rhythm rockin’, silver tongued devil of a frontman who makes the women swoon and the rock n’ roll faithful howl at the moon!
This is a show everyone’s just dying to see!

Meet the Band