Frank Carentz
Lead Vox, Rhythm Guitar

The Gear

  • White Gretsch Elecktromatic (Barbara)
  • Fender Blues Delux
  • Aqua Puss - Reverb Pedal
  • Blues Overdrive Pedal

Let me tell ya a little story of a boy...

— Casanova Frankenstein

Monster to some, lover to others. Casanova was made to be his “mothers” toy. This unliving “man” is actually constructed from the parts several men, all of whom had different attributes that his “mother” found attractive. Casanova is a creature built for sin and aching for love. No one, aside from his mother knows how he was created. Conversely, no one ever seems to question “why” he was.

After the disappearance of his mother, this tormented creature made his way into world. His body and heart constantly at odds with themselves, as he searches the world for the woman that can mend his heart and satisfy his otherwordly desires.

Casanova finds music to be one of the only calming and sanity granting activities in the world. At least for him. So it is, with the soul of a poet and an appetite to rival that of the Marquis De Sade, that he retreats into the multitude of memories from his various parts. Drawing on their skills and experiences along with his own tales of tragedy and love to create the songs we now hear him play.

During these early wanderings that Casanova came to have the reputation of a being a “good time“. It was a late night in a bayou by New Orleans that Casanova met a Voodoo Priestess in the darkness. Here he would come to be the owner of the Voodoo Machine. A strange contraption the priestess said “make things swing for you“. After taking the odd device as payment for his physical services from the priestess, he would later hitch a ride with two musicians. A ride that would end in a horrible accident killing those musicians. It was at this time that Casanova used the Voodoo Machine and brought those two dead guys back to life. Now infused with the souls of the dead the two fill out the backend of Casanova’s errie musical tales. The rest as they say is history.